ECM Integration Services Ensure Successful Solutions

Finding the right integrator for your ECM project might be the most important decision you make. Because the technology in this industry can change dramatically over a short period of time it’s vital to have the most up-to-date information, technology, and product choices from experts that allow you to take advantage of the advancements.

Look for an integrator with a commitment to best practices and who is vendor neutral so they are able to recommend the appropriate solution for your business. Purchasing direct from a manufacturer may not provide the best solution and won’t examine all of your options from the both the price and functionality perspective.

A knowledgeable ECM integrator enables organizations to link their enterprise content management system to legacy business content. By making information available within your line-of-business applications you can greatly simplify access, eliminate redundancies and makes information much more accessible.

With the right integrator your system can keep evolving over time, obtaining the greatest return on investment possible. ImageSource is an experienced integrator providing project management, systems design, integration support, training, consulting and support services to help organizations with the implementation and on-going support of their ECM technologies.

Debbie Horton
Corporate Communications Director


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