SharePoint ECM Gaps, Should you be concerned?

I have been in this ECM industry for over 10 years and have never seen a product grow as fast as Microsoft SharePoint –  MOSS 2007.  Nearly every organization that I have visited recently has some version of SharePoint in-house. I ask myself, “What are these gaps that I keep hearing about and how are they affecting these organizations? Is it affecting their ability to control documents and are they compromising security of critical information?”

Understanding these gaps and knowing some excellent third party application tools will help assure success of your SharePoint initiatives. Many of these issues will be covered at the Nexus 2009 event held in Bellevue, WA on November 2nd and 3rd. I have found several organizations that have experienced stalls or cancellations on certain project initiatives due to lack of understanding these gaps and what tools are available to help them.

Some SharePoint gaps include Management, Audit and Security functionality. I want to point out the gaps in Imaging, Metadata and Search functionality. SharePoint has shown limited ability to scan and index large volumes of documents. Also missing is the ability to do discreet or constrained searches. I have found an excellent third party application, KnowledgeLake,  that is perfect for handling these gaps.

KnowledgeLake has developed a suite of software products on the .net platform that works directly with SharePoint. These tools give you the ability to scan high volumes of documents, hard copy and electronic, fast and easy, add metadata (including data extraction from LOB’s) and more importantly the ability to do discreet searches.

If you are serious about taking advantage of the ECM portion of SharePoint then you owe it to yourself to research the award winning KnowledgeLake products.

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