How Twitter Taught Me the Importance of Change Management

In the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry, I probably hear on a weekly basis how crucial Change Management is. We talk about it with our Customer Partners, in our press releases and case studies. I knew it was something that was important, but I didn’t get a true idea of HOW important it is until we decided to have everyone in our company blog and use Twitter.

I thankfully have a boss who embraces social media and understands the value it can bring to an organization. However, it was tough getting everyone in our company to be as “gung-ho” as we are. We started with blogging and rolled out our eight ECM blogs in late June of 2009 and have been contributing to each one for the last nine or so months. After the blogs came Twitter. When I first started using Twitter about a year and a half ago, I thought it was stupid and that there was no value in it. Now, I’m not so sure what life would be like without Twitter – well my life anyway. I attended an unofficial Twitter Conference a few weeks ago in Seattle and I couldn’t believe how many people attending had jobs that revolved around this social media tool. That to me said that Twitter is more popular and more useful than many people realize.

I was having a hard time understanding why my colleagues weren’t as interested in blogging and Twitter as I was. I’m a Millennial and have grown up with the Internet, instant messenger, MySpace, Facebook, etc. I think a huge part of Change Management is helping the users see exactly what the value is in the new product, environment, whatever. For us, our different departments have different ideas of what is valuable to them. The “Aha” moment was realizing that we had to specifically show different groups of people where the value was for each of them. Since realizing this, we have had seminars and hands-on workshops to show employees the value and give them the confidence to use the tools.

I have truly realized that Change Management doesn’t just exist in projects and installs. It can be important in things that may not seem like a big deal, like blogging and Twitter. Whatever the circumstance, it’s important that the users see what the true value is and understand why they are making a switch. You have to show them why what they’re going to be doing is better than what they’re doing now and how it’s going to bring value to them.

Nexus ’10 is a great place to learn about the importance of Change Management and how critical it is to a project. Nexus is ImageSource’s annual Enterprise Content Management Solutions Conference held in Bellevue, Wash. This year’s conference is Nov. 4-5, 2010 at the Meydenbauer Center. Register for only $195 using discount code BLOG100. For more information on Nexus ’10 or to register for the event, visit or check out the Nexus Blog for up-to-date information.

Kristina Parma
Communications Manager
ImageSource, Inc.


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