What Helps Make IBM’s Watson So Smart? Content Analytics

If you got to see IBM’s Watson compete on Jeopardy a few months ago, you probably thought that it was interesting that a computer could compete (and win) against humans in a game show. What was not as apparent was the technology behind Watson, or how it could be applied to solve business challenges and provide insight into the massive amounts of unstructured information in your organization.

Content analytics is an advanced search and analytics platform that enables better decision making from your enterprise content regardless of the source or format. Content analytics solutions can understand the meaning and context of human language and rapidly process information to improve knowledge-driven search and surface new insights from your enterprise content.

About 80% of the information created and used by an enterprise is unstructured content and it is growing at twice the rate as structured data.

Harnessing that unstructured and semi-structured information can help an organization work smarter, serve customers better, control costs, and plan for the future. Understanding the content, context and value of this unstructured information presents an enormous opportunity for your business. This technology is already being used today in a number of industries. Just a few use cases include:

Content Assessment – Wouldn’t it be useful to use content analytics technology to analyze all of your storage (file shares, SharePoint, content repositories, etc.), and understand when it was last accessed, modified, and the content of it, to make decisions on what could be disposed, in comparison to your organization’s file plan?

Healthcare Research – Most healthcare providers have tons of historical information trapped in unstructured clinical notes, diagnostic reports containing essential information for the study of disease progression, treatment effectiveness and long-term outcomes. Content analytics can help researchers analyze unstructured information to answer key questions that were previously unavailable. Healthcare customers can have deeper insight into medical information and can uncover trends and patterns within their content, to provide better healthcare to their patients.

Customer Satisfaction – Identifying customer satisfaction trends about products, services and personnel is critical to most businesses. Content analytics technology can be used to examine customer survey data, including text messages, to better identify performance levels for pinpointing and making the necessary adjustments to improve customer satisfaction levels.

I’d love to discuss how content analytics technology could be leveraged in your organization to unlock the hidden information in your content.

Archie Horton

Regional Sales Manager


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