Rule Your Data with IBM Datacap Taskmaster

AIIM’s (Association for Information and Image Management) research reveals that 40% of organizations that implement a Capture Solution will achieve a ROI within 12 months.  AIIM separates capture software into 3 categories: Ad-hoc image, batch image and batch transaction. There are many capture products available but one in particular I would like to discuss is IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture software which is classified as batch transaction.

Batch transaction is consisted of complex networked systems that can scan and then automatically extra data from the images. Datacap Taskmaster Capture software helps organizations streamline and automate document processing and indexing which eliminates labor intensive document preparation and manual data entry. It then delivers the data to external applications and back-end repositories.

Datacap Taskmaster Capture is a flexible platform driven by a procedural rules engine known as Rulerunner Service. Rulerunner Service drives the processing functions from scanning, image enhancement, recognition and all the way through to export. At every step of the capture process whether batch, document, page or field, Datacap Taskmaster uses rules. A “rule” is made up of functions which are made up of actions organized in a logical sequence. If this seems a little overwhelming, here is an example of validating if the given data is a zip code:

Function 1: 5 digit zip code                          Data: 65265
IsNumeric (100)
MinimumLength (5)

We are trying to see if the data “65265” is a zip code based on the actions. The first action IsNumeric(100) means 100% of the data needs to be numeric. The second action MinimumLength(5) is stating that the data is a minimum of 5 characters long. The third action, MaximumLength(5) states that the data needs to be a max of 5 characters. The data object will run through the ordered list of actions until an action returns false. In this case, “65265” passes the first, second, and last action. Therefore the data passed the validation. Once these rules have been created, they can be saved and reused without having to reassemble it. These rules can also be copied and modified to validate a different type of numeric data field.

Some Features of Datacap Taskmaster Capture:

  • Support for multiple recognition engines such as Optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical mark recognition (OMR) and barcode all of which are configurable using rules
  • Job Monitor designed to enable administrators to view the entire capture environment
  • Distribute scanning and verification over the Internet using a browser
  • Capture unstructured documents and then extract and locate the data and store the new fingerprint for the next time the document is encountered

If you would like to learn more about this product or any other capture solutions give us a call and we would be more than happy to talk to you.

Tracy Lim
Account Executive
ImageSource Inc.

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