Are you using your checklists in PeopleSoft?

You probably have one or more document imaging systems that enable you to reduce paper files, but how is your staff managing communication with students? Well designed paperless processes include efficient communication with students by the Offices of Admissions, Enrollment and the Registrar. Much of the communication with prospective students during the information gathering process can be system generated based on document types, system checklists, and timely automatic notifications.

That is just one of the many benefits of using PeopleSoft checklists. University administrative staff can also receive automatic notifications when documents are received and files are complete, shortening cycle times for student evaluation, acceptance and enrollment. Is your system set up to provide the following?

  • Checklists that update the PeopleSoft student information system (SIS) when information is requested or received
  • Students and staff are notified automatically by the system when information is requested, received or needs action
  • Transcript data is extracted automatically and uploaded to PeopleSoft
  • An evaluator can use a digital transcript to calculate appropriate credits, make notations and eliminate printing
  • Student electronic files (packages) or documents automatically move to the Registrar based on events
  • Live forms update information in PeopleSoft
  • Integration with the SIS and other business applications is two-way; information is pushed or pulled
  •  Most printing and mailing is eliminated
  • Administrative processing time is decreased on average 50%

The big bang from using automated system checklists comes from mining the data captured early in the process. Universities are beginning to use the invaluable information in this data to identify, recruit and enroll students that best fit their academic programs.