Marketing for ECM: Developing a Social Media Strategy

Have you ever attempted to explain ECM technology in under 140 characters? It’s tough, if not impossible.  Luckily, we have blogs and websites to highlight and describe, in detail, the technology solutions we have to offer.  But how do we drive traffic to said blogs and websites?  Often, it’s through those pesky outlets that limit our characters…

Approaching your social media endeavors with a plan in place can assist in yielding the desired results.  There are no guarantees that web users will always click on your links; however, devising a concentrated approach can greatly increase your chances that they will proceed to the intended sites and have interest in exploring them.

There are seemingly unlimited online resources with instructions for developing a social media strategy, but for a jumping-off point, I found this blog post to have some useful tips.

Beth Dilick
Marketing Communications Manager
ImageSource, Inc.


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