Weathering the Conditions of ECM Implementation

As a native of the East Coast and a former Midwesterner, I’ve experienced my share of varying weather conditions.  I have survived hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, blizzards, flooding, and extreme heat and humidity, but I have yet to experience a rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest.  With our beautiful and perfect summer winding down and the inevitable threat of rain on the (hopefully distant) horizon, I look to my experienced friends and co-workers for input and advice in preparing for what’s ahead.  After all, knowledge and experience are two qualities we seek out whenever we approach something new.

If you are looking for an ECM solution to solve your efficiency problems and produce a return on your investment, ImageSource can offer the knowledgeable, experienced individuals and proven processes to reach your goals.  Our ECMECOSYSTEM methodology offers more than a list of products—it provides on-site analysis, enterprise business process design, and IT system design.  Through the 4-phase process, recommendations are documented to provide a strategic, tangible road map for future ECM implementation.  Read more about our offerings here and discover how ImageSource’s experience can provide the tools you need to keep business processes running smoothly through the conditions ahead.

Beth Dilick
Marketing Communications Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

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