We Love Our Customer Partners!

Here at ImageSource, we are ecstatic about our Customer Partners! We call them Customer Partners because we believe that they are all truly partners of ImageSource. Together, we’ve been able to accomplish some pretty awesome things.

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This is not really ECM related, but hey, we are a day away from Thanksgiving and my mind is already drifting into a food coma as I think about the feast of gravy and stuffing I’m about to take part in. Come on, I know you are too! Anyway, as I was surfing the web this morning for some fun information to contribute to our internal newsletter, I came across this National Geographic page that included some truths and myths about Thanksgiving. Since you, yourself, are perusing the internet, waiting for this day to be over, I thought you might enjoy this interesting read.
Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Kimberly Torres
Marketing Coordinator
ImageSource, Inc.